Sleigh your next Best-Self Review™

Geared towards every member of your company, in this webinar Courtney Yazzie and Priscilla Zorrilla of 15Five discuss the benefits of the science-backed Best-Self Review™. Following the science, they dive into the particulars of each employee’s viewpoint and responsibilities in a Best-Self Review™ cycle.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why does the Best-Self Review™ matter?
  • Clearly defining employee roles in a review cycle
  • Diving into a review cycle from each perspective (in-app demo)
  • The Aftermath (OK, we did it—now what?)
  • Next-level tips for success

Priscilla Zorilla

Priscilla Zorrilla,
Program Manager, Customer Success

Courtney Yazzie

Courtney Yazzie,
Costumer Support Knowledge and Education Manager