Reduce Regrettable Turnover

Keep your high value
employees from leaving

Retention is up to everyone, especially managers

From lack of advancement opportunities to unsupportive management, people managers influence at least 70% of your employees’ engagement, and play a critical role in reducing regrettable turnover.

How does 15Five help create less regrettable turnover?

15Five exists to accelerate human-centered leadership in the world, so that companies and their people can thrive. Understanding the root causes of turnover then taking action to improve them is essential.

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Be informed with real-time data

Through continuous feedback loops and customizable engagement, eNPS, and manager effectiveness surveys you can identify and pinpoint concerns before they impact retention.

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Strengthen manager relationships

Create a culture of high performance, high care, and high engagement by equipping managers with the tools they need to support their teams with recognition, feedback, performance check-ins, impactful 1-on-1s and more

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Provide role clarity and career vision

Clearly define how your people can be successful in their roles, understand what drives them, and utilize their strengths to develop and grow.

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"Now we've got retention around the 94% mark"

Kirsti Grant

VP of People Experience


Create thriving people and a thriving business

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Employee ownership
Help employees drive their own career growth by connecting the dots between their strengths and your company’s needs.
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Manager enablement
Give managers the tools and visibility they need to help their team members focus on enriching work that's aligned with their growth goals.
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Results and retention
Employees who find their work energizing and meaningful have the biggest impact on productivity and stay with the company longer.

How it all works together

Every part of the 15Five platform works cohesively to impact HR outcomes. When combined, our 360° performance reviews, engagement surveys, OKRs & goal-tracking, and manager training and coaching suite works together to drive more performance, engagement, and retention for your organization.

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