HR Outcomes Dashboard

It is time HR gets the credibility and respect it has always deserved

Understand your team's Engagement, Performance, and Turnover and what to do about it

Showcase the impact HR has on the most important business metrics

Collect, analyze, and act on the data that matters most to the rest of the C-suite. Go to your next board meeting or leadership call with easy-to-use, objective results that connect HR programs to business results.

Strategic HR Leaders love the HR Outcomes Dashboard

Our People Team priorities and roadmap are built around driving engagement, performance, and retention. The 15Five HR Outcomes Dashboard helps us elevate our key people metrics to cut through the noise and influence our most senior stakeholders.

Scott Morgan

Senior Director of People Growth

With 15Five’s HR Outcomes Dashboard, I can easily bring actionable metrics to our leadership team that help us make better decisions, demonstrate the value of HR, and articulate how we’re impacting the bottom line.

David Pearson

HR, SHRM-CP SVP, People & Culture

People are complex, but their data doesn’t need to be

Identify trends, make informed predictions, and recommend actions to improve the HR outcomes that drive business performance with ease, all in one place. No Data Analyst required.

Filter by groups and uncover insights

Compare by department, manager, or cohorts of each outcome measurement to answer questions like:
How engaged are my top performers? How many of them have turned over recently? Are their managers effective?

Introducing the Manager Effectiveness Indicator

Managers are the #1 driver of employee retention, engagement, and performance. Now for the first time, HR can accurately measure the skills and behaviors that are needed to be an effective manager, and see how they are impacting the business (for better or worse) every single week.

  • Measure the competencies of an effective manager through behavioral and evaluation data
  • View data for each individual manager and the company aggregate
  • Customize and weight the Indicator’s inputs based on organizational needs and company culture
  • Pinpoint areas of strength and improvement while maintaining psychological safety

15Five’s new HR Outcomes Dashboard finally gives HR leaders a way to target actions while also quantifying impact in a way that hasn’t been done in the category before. It’s simple, well-designed, and adds tremendous value to the 15Five platform, bringing together engagement, retention, performance, and manager effectiveness in a visual way.
Kathi Enderes
Senior Vice President, Research at The Josh Bersin Company

All the insight you need, no hoops to jump through

Start showcasing the value of your HR programs on business outcomes

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Unleash your HR superpowers by measuring and impacting employee engagement, performance, turnover, and the game-changing Manager Effectiveness Indicator.

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HR Outcomes Playbook: Unlocking the True Business Value of HR

This playbook is designed to help you, the HR leader, operate in a way that enlightens and excites the rest of the executive team about the true value that HR can provide to an organization and its bottom line.

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