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Is Your Employee Lifecycle Experience Equitable?

Our world and workforce have changed dramatically. In a job market of increasing options, changing needs of generations and new normals, leading organizations have one major thing in common; they recognize that it is critical to support the most important part of the business: the Humans. 

Join us for a webinar discussion on how to create an equitable and sustainable employee lifecycle experience. An amazing group of people leaders will discuss actionable insights, latest trends, and real-world stories of how to support the Humans in our organizations from the time they are hired to the time to retire.

Learning Outcomes

  • Tips to understand and manage every Human’s unique experience in the workplace
  • Examine which parts of the life cycle may be rooted in and perpetuating systems of inequity 

Francesca Walker
Francesca Walker

Assistant Director of First Year Experience at New York University

Hakemia Jackson
Executive Coach & Cultural Strategist, Divinely Powered, LLC
Jennie Yang
VP of People & Culture at 15Five
Kavita Vora
Chief People Officer at
Shaan Hathiramani

CEO at Flockjay

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