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The Big Leap: HR’s single biggest transformation and the future of 15Five

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The HR profession is experiencing the single biggest transformation in its history. Performance management as a practice is outdated and broken. It isn’t working for employees and it certainly isn’t working for HR leaders who both care about their people and want to see their business succeed.

The best HR leaders know that performance management isn’t an annual event, it needs to be an ongoing process, baked into the flow of work, in order to have any meaningful impact.

In this webinar we’ll discuss what this means for the future of strategic HR and how the 15Five platform is evolving to help the practice of performance management finally live up to its promise by driving increased employee engagement, retention and performance. Join Jeff Smith, PhD 15Five’s Head of Product, and Adam Weber, 15Five’s Chief Evangelist for this webinar as we dive into why HR will never be the same again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the world is transitioning from administrative HR to strategic HR
  • The role of AI in HR today and in the future
  • How the best HR leaders and driving business-level impact, not just HR-level results
  • The latest industry-changing product innovation and future of the 15Five platform
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