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Why Employees Don’t Like Your Performance Review Process

What do employees REALLY think about your performance review process? A recent study by 15Five shows that it’s vastly different from the opinions of managers and HR leaders. In this webinar, our panelists will share insights from this study and provide improvements for specific examples of performance reviews.

By reducing bias, having growth-oriented conversations, and making fair compensation decisions, your organization will see higher engagement and lower turnover. Relationships between managers and employees are more likely to flourish, and the overall company culture will strengthen. Bring your questions and challenges for our panelists!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why HR leaders, managers, and individual contributors (ICs) have contradicting opinions about the effectiveness of the same performance review process
  • How to reduce bias in reviews and turn them into growth-oriented discussions between managers and employees
  • Best practices for accurately spotting top performers and making fair compensation and promotion decisions

Webinar Resources

Chaunel Johnson
Executive Advisor at 15Five
Jeff Smith, PhD
VP of Strategic Initiatives at 15Five
Jennie Yang
VP of People & Culture at 15Five
Shannon Derbyshire
Manager Enablement Program Manager at 15Five
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