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Reducing Regrettable Turnover: Lessons Learned from 2022

As HR leaders, one of our biggest challenges is finding and retaining top talent. But what do we do when top talent chooses to move on from our organizations? In this webinar, 15Five, Blueboard, and ThinkHuman will be sharing the lessons learned from 2022, latest research, and best practices for reducing regrettable turnover in your organization. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a practical toolkit for preventing the loss of valuable employees and creating a more engaged and productive workforce.

Key Takeaways

  • The top drivers of regrettable turnover
  • How to identify early warning signs of employee disengagement
  • Strategies for improving retention and reducing turnover
  • Practical insights from real-world examples of organizations that have successfully reduced regrettable turnover

SHRM and HRCI Codes will be shared at the end of the webinar

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