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5 Secrets to Unlocking Your HR Career From the Top 5% of Strategic HR

It’s no secret that a majority of HR leaders are feeling burnt out. Too often, their dreams of doing high-impact, culture-shifting work are quickly squashed with low-level administrative work, being disrespected and dismissed by executives, and bouncing from fire to thankless fire without being adequately appreciated. On top of that, many HR leaders find themselves with increased responsibilities, without the resources to go along with it.

In the midst of this overload, Adam Weber, Chief Evangelist of 15Five and host of the HR Superstars Podcast, has talked to a handful of HR leaders who have decidedly different experiences than the majority. They’ve gained executive respect, don’t get blocked very often, are more proactive than reactive, and are doing the work they dreamed of doing when they got into HR.

What makes this 5% of HR leaders different from everyone else?

Adam has discovered five traits that each of these top HR leaders share, and in this eBook, he takes a deep dive into them one at a time. Each section also contains actionable prompts and exercises for you to complete, so you can take a page from their playbook, transform your career, and begin doing the work you dreamed of when you got into HR.

What’s Inside:

  • Speaking the language of the business
  • Using metrics and data to back up bold initiatives
  • Showing courage and fighting for a “yes” when pitching
  • Activating managers to operationalize your work
  • Sharing your impact as an HR leader

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