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Picking Your Side in the “Back to Office” Debate

Employees who have spent more than two years working from home are reluctant to forfeit the flexibility, comfort, and convenience of remote work. Whereas many employers are desperate to get people back in offices to boost productivity and collaboration. How can you, as a people leader, hold space for both?

Is remote work working? Should companies implement pre-pandemic in-office structures? What model of work will help your employees achieve high workplace satisfaction, top performance, and encourage high employee engagement? Join us in a lively debate on one of the hottest topics in HR today, The Back to Work Debate.

Key Takeaways

  • How to drive top performance in each work model
  • How to eliminate bias when making these decisions
  • How this should affect your hiring and compensation strategies
  • How to support your leadership team in making and implementing the right decision for your company

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