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With Spark AI you can actually drive performance with your performance management platform

Harness the power of AI to help your business and your people thrive
For HR Leaders

Instantly synthesize engagement, performance, retention, and manager effectiveness data to make decisions with confidence.

For Managers

Spark AI works in the background to provide real-time insights and recommendations for more effective, impactful interactions with your team, every time.

For Business Impact

Maximize performance for managers, minimize administrative tasks for HR, and move from outcomes to actions at scale, faster then ever before.

Spend more time being strategic

Spark AI is the first-of-its-kind assistant for managers and HR leaders, designed to streamline administrative tasks and drive measurable improvement in engagement, performance, and retention.

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AI Synthesized Feedback Insights

Effectively analyze & act on open-text feedback from employee surveys.

AI Assisted Reviews

Write better and less biased performance reviews - faster - with the assistance of AI.

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AI Manager Copilot

Real-time, AI-powered assistant to help managers be more effective by recommending actions and guiding with best practices.

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Spark AI helps you navigate the HR Outcomes Flywheel
at scale.

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The HR Outcomes Flywheel