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Embracing HR’s Head and Heart: Why the Tension Between Business Impact and a Human-Centered Workplace is a False Dichotomy

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It’s no surprise that the vast majority of HR leaders are feeling burnt out. After several years of guiding our organizations through relentless disruption, we still find ourselves caught up in a conflict between the new expectations of employees and the rising business pressures passed down from the c-suite. But this conflict is a false dichotomy. Discover with us why connecting the work of HR to quantifiable business impact does not have to come at the cost of building the human-centered workplace of your dreams. In fact, embracing both is the only path forward. Join us as we host one of our incredible Keynote sessions from Thrive 2023 live for our webinar audience!

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insight into how aligning HR strategies with business goals can enhance organizational outcomes while maintaining a human-centered workplace.
  • Explore strategies that harmonize employee expectations with business needs to create a workplace culture that prioritizes well-being and organizational success.
  • Learn to design and implement initiatives that balance human-centered principles with business objectives, promoting a culture that benefits both employees and organizational success.
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