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Creating an Appreciation Culture Your Employees Will Love

Every year, companies celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. We send treats, host parties, write thoughtful notes… and all of that is great. But a single day of appreciation just won’t cut it anymore. Not in this era of remote work, high employee turnover, and extreme competition for top talent.

Employees want to be seen, valued, and appreciated at work. But too many feel woefully under appreciated even as they navigate risk, uncertainty, and the realities of pandemic worklife. That lack of continuous appreciation has a high cost: in 2021, a third of unappreciated workers applied for a new job.

But what does it mean to build a sustainable culture of appreciation—and how can you do it? In this session, experts from Blueboard and 15Five will share 3 steps you can use to embed employee appreciation into your day-to-day operations:

  • You’ll get strategies to help you identify your current appreciation gaps,
  • You’ll get tools and fresh ideas to show your people appreciation right now, and
  • You’ll get recommendations to help you scale and sustain and culture of appreciation.

Webinar Resources

Alicia Cafarelli
VP of Client Success at Blueboard
Colin Powell
Principal Support Engineer at 15Five
Morgan Chaney

VP of Marketing at Raydiant

Rajkumari Neogy
Founder at iRestart
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