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Empathy: The Leadership Skill You’re Missing to Understand Your People

Many of us have been led to believe that the path to business success is through objective, detached, unemotional decision-making. But the most effective leaders aren’t the ones who make purely logical decisions, detached from the messy internal experiences of ourselves and others. Truly effective, transformational leaders understand the pulse of their organizations, the thoughts, feelings, experiences that lead to stagnation, frustration, or thriving.

At this point in human history, it’s more apparent than ever that tapping into empathy as a leadership skill is essential for the long-term stability and success of our people and organizations. On the surface, empathy can feel soft and unnecessary, a “soft skill” getting pushed by people who are “too sensitive.” But empathy is a critical tool—a teachable, trainable skill—that leads to higher levels of trust, more effective communication, and more precise decision-making when it matters most.

What You Will Learn

  • Define empathy and what it means for your organization.
  • Identify specific steps to build the skill of empathy within employees and leaders.
  • Connect the dots on how listening to and understanding others can help you overcome self-doubt, improve professional relationships, build an engaged workforce, and maximize your leadership potential.

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Adam Bouse
Performance Coach, 15Five
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