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Understanding Workplace Trauma and Employee Well-Being

Organizational behavior frameworks like psychological safety are often thought of in isolation but never in relation to organizational realities like workplace trauma. Different causes of workplace trauma could attribute to unrealistic deadlines and job descriptions, burnout, toxic environments, bias, and racism. 

According to The American Institute of Stress, employees noted that 46% of their overall stress comes from their workload. Culture, performance, and retention begin to suffer when employees including management feels overwhelmed and unsupported.

ThinkHuman and 15Five have invited people leaders to share their understanding of what can cause workplace trauma and how culture impacts employee well-being.

What You Will Learn

  • First-hand experience and stories about workplace trauma 
  • Actionable ways to give space for psychological safety to discuss trauma in the workplace.
  • How deepening relationships and having difficult conversations could go a long way with the wellbeing and psychological hygiene of team members.

Francesca Walker
Francesca Walker

Assistant Director of First Year Experience at New York University

Hakemia Jackson
Executive Coach & Cultural Strategist, Divinely Powered, LLC
Jesyka Simpson, SPHR, ACC
Founder at 10k Collective
Zo Nicole
Product Manager at 15Five
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