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Understanding the Science Behind HR’s Top Culture Challenges of 2021

Are your employees leaving? Are your engagement and performance numbers dropping? Is there a suspicion that your company culture is toxic, and you’re looking to prove this with actual data? In this webinar, 15Five Senior People Insights Consultants Christine Hare and Dustin Goeglein dive into the science behind top culture challenges of 2021.

How do you measure and address issues like gender disparity, favoritism, lack of accountability, internal resentment, negative attitudes, toxic leadership, and company value misalignment? Join us and find out.

What You Will Learn

  • How to measure engagement and performance data through surveys
  • What to do when you see “red flag” outcomes of this data
  • How to present the story behind the numbers to company executives
  • How to approach situations where leadership is involved in a toxic culture


Christine Hare
Senior People Insight Consultant at 15Five
Dustin Goeglein
Senior People Insights Consultant at 15Five
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