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Managing People
On Demand

The Great Disconnect: Key Findings from our 2023 Manager Effectiveness Report

Join us On Demand for a walkthrough of our 2023 Manager Effectiveness Report entitled, “Helping HR Solve the Manager-Employee Disconnect to Fuel Productivity.” We uncovered some startling data around employee productivity, manager effectiveness, and career growth and development. 

We’ll delve into why companies are tracking employees instead of investing in managers to know how to drive business outcomes on their teams. 

Adam Weber, former Chief People Officer at Emplify, and leader of the popular HR Superstars Community presents the data in a fun and interactive way, followed by a discussion of what it all means and how HR leaders can shift their strategy and attention to respond to these unfortunate disconnects between managers and employees. 

You Will Learn:

  • Why managers aren’t as effective as we need them to be, and what HR can do about it
  • How managers are tracking productivity and the impact on employees
  • How employee perception of manager effectiveness has changed since before the pandemic 
  • The key areas where managers are lacking in training and how HR can prioritize upskilling managers

SHRM and HRCI Codes will be shared at the end of the webinar

Adam Weber
Adam Weber
SVP of Community at 15Five
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