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Top HR Trends 2022

Welcome to the new HR, where your people take priority. In order to build back stronger in the wake of the Great Resignation, 15Five VP of Strategic Initiatives Dr. Jeff Smith will share his research on what people and HR trends you’ll want to stay ahead of in 2022. He’ll go in-depth on what your employees want out of work-everything from purpose and community to recognition and feedback. Learn how to avoid future organizational burnout by re-evaluating your current HR processes and strategies.

What experience and culture are your HR team enabling? Especially in a world of hybrid and dynamic work ,due to the pandemic, the most thriving organizations must learn how to support their people at scale. DEIB, ,diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, matters more than ever, as does the decisions made around technology, training, and education. It’s time to take your business outcomes to the next level. Watch this webcast to learn how to this by rethinking and improving each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Jeff Smith, PhD
VP of Strategic Initiatives at 15Five
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