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3,000+ companies trust 15Five to unlock the impact of their managers
Why Transform?

Identify and eliminate the manager skill gaps that have the biggest impact on your business.

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HR is in the driver seat
Transform provides AI-generated recommendations based on your own data to assign the right development content at the right time
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Training tailored to your managers
Curriculum and coaching designed to meet the unique needs of every leader in your organization
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Upskilling in the flow of work
Managers learn and apply new skills where people management actually happens
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Reduce Turnover
People don’t quit their company; they quit their managers
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Increase Engagement
Manager relationships are the #1 driver of employee engagement
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Drive High Performance
Give managers the skills to remove roadblocks and get the most from their team

Make positive change through managers, at scale

Transform makes it easy to leverage your most critical partner for developing engaged, high-performing teams.

Tarveen Forrester
“Transform was a transformative experience that helped our managers and executives understand how to leverage their own strengths to cultivate the strengths of their teams.”
Tarveen Forrester
Head of People Operations at Tastemade

Unlock the Business Impact of Your Managers

HR can’t do it alone. 15Five helps you maximize engagement, performance, and retention with your managers – and prove it.

Deploy manager development programs with total confidence

Use 15Five’s HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator to automatically identify skill gaps and assign development actions to managers.

Explore the HR Outcomes Dashboard

On-demand content tailored to each manager

Empower managers wherever they are with custom and 15Five-curated learning tracks, Microlearning and full-length courses, in-house experts and world-renowned luminaries.

Learn from world-renowned luminaries

Curated Luminary Content tracks designed to complement 15Five’s in-house expert led training and coaching, from luminaries like Dr Beverly Kaye, Marshall Goldsmith, Michael Roberto, and more.

Luminary Content

Course guides and interactive content

A blend of course guides, quizzes, and real-world practice in the flow of work.

Live Group and 1:1 Coaching

Receive personalized coaching from certified experts tailored to individual manager needs.

AI Manager Copilot

Real-time, AI-powered assistant to help managers be more effective by recommending actions and guiding with best practices.

Learn more about Manager Copilot

A Few of Your Certified Performance Coaches

Nicole Johansen
Nicole Johansen
M.B.A, M.S. in HRM & Development, Certified Professional Coach (IPEC), Associate Certified Coach (ICF), 20+ years leadership experience in Marine Corps + Gallup

“I can’t praise Nicole’s coaching skills enough! ...We have worked together for two years, and she was instrumental in supporting us through a critical pivot in our company’s history...Nicole is [the] secret weapon all CEO’s should have in their professional toolbox.”
Adam Bouse
Adam Bouse
M.A., Organizational Leadership, Certified Brain-Based Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, 12+ years of leadership and management experience

“I definitely had a couple of "ah-ha" moments that I really needed. I walked away with 2 action plans….The experience only confirmed how valuable coaching really is.”
Lindsay Thomas
Lindsay Thomas
M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Certified Professional Coach (IPEC), Associate Certified Coach (ICF), 12+ years of inclusive leadership and talent development

"I recently completed coaching with Lindsay and cannot say enough about her ability to help me come up with a plan to meet my professional goals. Through a blend of conversation, resources, self-reflection, reading and practice we tackled skill building in a way that was accessible and manageable. I cannot say enough about this experience, thank you!"
Lynette Phillips
Lynnette Phillips
M.A., Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Executive Coaching, Certified Limbic Performance Coach, 17+ years experience leading teams

"After having the privilege of connecting with Lynnette for a coaching call, I gained clarity in my top values and how I can prioritize them in decision making."

Learn more about our full lineup of expert coaches

"The curriculum and the content was really about empowering people and how you do that. The emphasis on the need to create psychological safety as a cornerstone was really powerful for us"

Carol Cochran

VP of People & Culture, FlexJobs

Why Choose 15Five

15Five Transform

  • Content based on your data and business strategy
  • Cyclical learning for lasting change
  • Paired with skill-reinforcing software
  • Closed-loop reporting to quantify the impact of development
Other solutions

  • Content based on surface-level advice
  • One size fits all training programs
  • Linear learning that’s easily forgotten
  • No tools to put learning into action
  • Reporting limited to completion tracking

Upskill your managers.
Transform your business.

Learn how you can drive real business results today.

Example On-demand Courses

The Science and Practices of High Impact Management
In this kickoff course, you will learn the foundations of the “why”, and science behind several of the keys to thriving and human potential. Understanding these concepts will underpin the skillsets you will be developing throughout the Transform courses.
OKRs: Basics & Building
In this course, you will get into the mechanics of how to write an objective that is impactful and key results that are measurable. This course hits on the pitfalls for objectives and key results, especially when you're starting out. Finally, we're going to talk about how to check in on OKR progress particularly in your one on ones or your team meetings.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
In this course, you will learn a shared language to more effectively talk about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. You will get a chance to explore aspects of your own identity a necessary element in being and becoming your best. Finally, you will learn how to bring inclusion into meetings in order to tap into the power of collective intelligence.

Learn more about our full course library

About 15Five Transform

Dive in!

Transform is a blended learning solution designed to help managers think as leaders who take action to keep their teams motivated, engaged, and thriving, leading to powerful business results. Watch the video to learn how.

Case Study

How Aptiv improved eNPS from -5% to 27% in a single quarter

“It’s not stuffy training at all. It’s very much real-life...human beings talking about a problem, having a dialogue and coming up with a solution.”

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Case Study
15Five Empowers Aptiv Connected Services to Thrive in the New World of Work

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