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How Gratitude and Centeredness Practices Will Help You Grow as a Leader

The workforce values leaders that are authentic, consistent and steady and yet in a time of a down economy, competing pressures and stress it can be difficult to find that balance as a leader. 

In this webinar, Adam Weber (Author of Lead Like a Human & SVP of Community at 15Five) will walk you through practical ways to grow as an authentic leader and how to apply centeredness & gratitude practices to help you lead from a calm and steady place.

Key Takeaways

  • Why authenticity of leadership matters to the workforce 
  • What centeredness is and what practices help you develop it
  • Specific techniques for practices gratitude and integrating it into your leadership style

SHRM & HRCI Codes will be shared at the end of the recording.

Adam Weber
Adam Weber
SVP of Community at 15Five
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