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Performance and Growth
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HR at the Employee Performance Frontier: Building a Dynamic Performance Management Practice

Performance management isn’t an annual endeavor, it’s a continuous need. And if performance reviews are merely a means to measure, rather than drive engagement and growth, then they are certainly not meeting the needs of today’s HR goals…

Join us to learn how to drop the dreaded performance review and make performance management a dynamic, ongoing practice. We’ll cover how to get your managers and employees bought in, eliminate bias and ambiguity from the process, and go from measuring performance to actually managing it within the flow of work. 

You will learn:

  • Continuous over annual: Make performance management an ongoing process.
  • Engage for growth: Shift reviews to drive employee engagement and development.
  • Secure buy-in: Get managers and employees committed to continuous practices.
  • Integrate with work: Manage performance seamlessly within daily workflow.

SHRM and HRCI codes are shared at the end of this recording

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