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Talent Optimization in 2022: Future-Proofing Your Business

What does talent optimization look like in 2022? We polled more than 300 executives to find out how companies are navigating an unprecedented labor market as the calendar turns. We wanted to know how they’re hiring efficiently amid candidate scarcity, and what they’re doing about employee retention (you have to be doing something, right?!).  

The 2022 Talent Optimization Report confirms that managers are catalysts for the sort of flexibility, empathy and choice employees are insisting on. Managers are best positioned to enact a true people strategy, but only as long as they’re equipped with the right tools—like behavioral data. 

We will unpack some of the most telling findings from The 2022 State of Talent Optimization, and discuss the potential ramifications for employers, employees, managers, and entire orgs in the new year.

Adam Clay
Chief Revenue Officer at
Cara Pelletier, M.A.
Senior Director of DEI at 15Five
Harry Davis
Customer Success Manager at The Predictive Index
Sarah Smith-Barry
Principal at Freego Consulting