Plans & Pricing

Performance management isn’t one-size-fits-all and neither is your business. Our plans work for teams of all sizes.


Essentials for large teams and small organizations.

per person, per month.
Billed annually.
  • 1-on-1s
  • Check-in customization
  • Engagement+ more survey templates, admin controls
  • Basic reports
  • 6 months of Check-in history
  • Google Calendar integration
  • MS Teams integration
  • Bulk import
  • Security logs and MFA


Custom plan with everything 15Five has to offer.

Tailored solution to meet your needs.
  • 15Five software implementation and training
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Manager development
  • Virtual workshops
  • Online education

**Available with a minimum annual contract. Implementation support and training is included for a flat fee. Get in touch for more information.

CORE FEATURESBasicPlusPerformance
Number of usersprice per personprice per personprice per person
15Five Check-inscheckcheckcheck
15Five Check-in history6 monthsunlimitedunlimited
High Fivescheckcheckcheck
High Five historyunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Pulse checkcheckcheckcheck
Career Vision and strengthscheckcheckcheck
Best-Self Kickoffcheck
iOS & Android appscheckcheckcheck
1-on-1 historyunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Request Feedbackcheckcheck
Objectives (OKRs)checkcheck
Best-Self Review®checkcheck
Engagement+ Full Potential Index survey template, reportingcheckcheckcheck
Engagement+ additional survey templates, admin controlscheckcheckcheck
Engagement+ all templates, customization ability, heatmapscheckcheck
Expert question bankcheckcheckcheck
Metrics-based questions (polls)checkcheck
Custom cadence and due datecheckcheckcheck
Create custom questionscheckcheckcheck
Custom questions for individuals and groupscheckcheckcheck
Sign in with Googlecheckcheckcheck
SAML + SSOcheckcheck
User provisioning with OKTA, OneLogin and Azure ADcheckcheck
Bulk Importcheckcheck
Security Logscheckcheckcheck
Multi-factor authenticationcheckcheckcheck
HRIS integrationscheckcheck
Google Calendar - 1-on-1scheckcheckcheck
JIRA - OKRscheckcheck
Microsoft Teams - 15Five, High Fives and 1-on-1scheckcheckcheck
15Fives dashboardcheckcheckcheck
Pulse dashboardcheckcheckcheck
1-on-1s dashboardcheckcheckcheck
Questions dashboardcheckcheckcheck
Priorities dashboardcheckcheckcheck
Detailed usage reportcheckcheckcheck
Custom reportscheckcheck
Objectives reportingcheckcheck
Best-Self Review® reportingcheckcheck
Email supportcheckcheckcheck
Messenger supportcheckcheckcheck
Priority supportFor accounts
>60 users
Onboarding and training For accounts
>60 users
Customer Success Manager (CSM)For accounts
>60 users
Executive coaching and alignmentcheck
Leadership coaching and alignmentcheck
Manager developmentcheck
Virtual workshopscheck
Online educationcheck

Which plan should I choose?


Understand the true pulse of your organization with regular customizable Check-ins and guided 1-on-1s, and show meaningful appreciation when it matters most using High Fives.


For teams and organizations that want to take performance to the next level get OKRs, 360° performance reviews, employee engagement surveys, HRIS integrations, and deeper reporting.


Get everything 15Five has to offer – from our platform, to services and consulting tailored to meet larger team needs.

Next level change goes beyond technology

Transformational Services:

Executive consulting, development programs, and workshops deepen skills in areas such as effective OKRs, high-impact feedback, 1-on-1s, and more.

Best-Self Academy

Best-Self Academy:

15Five’s research-backed online learning platform offers lessons, courses, and certifications for leaders and managers.

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Support your employees in becoming their best selves, no matter where they work. 15Five helps teammates stay connected, visible, and appreciated

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