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Your Guide to Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are powerful tools when designed and implemented well. They reveal employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose, and passion for their work and organization. Thoughtfully leveraging this feedback can result in higher retention rates, improved productivity, and increased morale. It’s a simple way to show employees that they matter!

In this webinar, 15Five’s Brian Deyo and Leah Hahn (both formerly from Emplify) share best practices on identifying what to measure and how to create an action plan from engagement survey responses. This evidence-based approach utilizes quantitative and qualitative data to grow more effective managers, boost organizational performance, and create an environment where employees can thrive and do their best work.

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying engagement survey metrics that yield consistent measurement and trusted insights
  • Evaluating quantitative and qualitative survey questions for validity and reliability
  • Obtaining buy-in across the organization and offering training to managers
  • Creating an action plan from your survey data and measuring organizational impact

Webinar Resources

Brian Deyo
Group Product Manager at 15Five
Leah Hahn
Senior Product Manager at 15Five
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