Employment Engagement

Measure what matters. Take action. Increase Engagement.

Engage is for HR leaders and executives who want to measure employee engagement, quickly find actionable insights, and take steps to drive change.
Benefits List

Let Engage connect the dots.

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A science-backed assessment paired with an insights dashboard that makes it a breeze to collect employee feedback and find insights.
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Quickly decide where to focus your engagement strategy (down to the specific manager), and dive deeper into specific topics such as burnout, DE&I, and remote work when needed.
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With the support of executive advisors and manager coaches, take action to create an engaged and productive culture.

Get started quickly

Easy-to-use and backed by science, our surveys can be completed on any device in just 6-minutes.

Every insight, measured

Analyze engagement results at the company, department, or team level, and identify wins and challenges across spheres including leadership, manager, co-worker relationships, and work-life.

Engagement Report Examples

In-house advising and coaching

Our executive advisers help your team create an employee engagement strategy along with our in-house coaches who are trained to help managers become drivers of engagement.

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High engagement, even higher performance

Evaluate and drive engagment, accurately.

Measure what matters, nothing less.

Traditional Surveys
Conventional engagement surveys rely on outdated methods and unproven results, so you get only half the story.
15Five’s surveys are research-based, so you know precisely how engaged your people are and how well they’re thriving.
The Science

An Engagement survey rooted in science.

Engage is inspired by the Human Potential Index, the most complete measure of how well people and organizations are reaching their full potential.

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