Employment Engagement

Measure what’s important, and inspire everyone in your workplace to surpass every measure.

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Engage is the only survey that accurately measures employee engagement. With 30 templates and 120 questions to select from, you can choose or design surveys that reflect your goals.
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Let Engage connect the dots.

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Get a quantifiable take on how connected your people are.
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Use what you learn to enhance your people and performance strategy.
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Watch that strategy transform individual performance.

Get the complete picture

Use one of our science-backed templates or customize your own survey to capture deep psychological insights.

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Take the full measure

Unlike other surveys, Engagement + shows you exactly how your people are thriving, using a scientifically-sound assessment of personal strengths, psychological safety, and more.

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Fully engage.

Use what you’ve learned to build an energized, inspired, and passionate workforce.

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High engagement, for high performance

Evaluate and drive engagment, accurately.

Measure what matters, nothing less.

Traditional Surveys
Conventional engagement surveys rely on outdated methods and unproven results, so you get only half the story.
15Five’s surveys are research-based, so you know precisely how engaged your people are and how well they’re thriving.
The Science

An Engagement survey rooted in science.

At the heart of Engage lies the Full Potential Index, the most complete measure of how well people and organizations are reaching their full potential.

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