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2024 and Beyond: Welcome to the AI-Powered Performance Management Era

Strategic HR is the future – and the best leaders today are measurably impacting retention, driving employee performance, and fostering increased engagement. Join us live as we look at the future of Performance Management and preview the innovation coming from the 15Five product in 2024.

In this webinar we will unveil our vision for the evolving landscape of Performance Management, including groundbreaking developments in AI-driven features, analytics advancements, personalized coaching tools, compensation strategies, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • The latest trends shaping the future of Performance Management in 2024, including the integration of AI, advanced analytics, personalized coaching, and innovative compensation strategies.
  • Innovative compensation approaches aimed at attracting, retaining, and motivating top talent while ensuring fairness and alignment with organizational objectives.
  • How these new advancements are tailored to directly influence critical HR outcomes such as retention rates, employee performance, and overall engagement within organizations.
  • The role of AI-driven tools and analytics in driving actionable insights, predictive modeling, and informed decision-making to optimize performance and talent strategies.
  • Exclusive insights into upcoming 15Five product developments and features designed to revolutionize Performance Management, fostering a more data-driven, personalized, and impactful approach.
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