Inclusion & Belonging

15Five is committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the more our culture comes to life, and the better we can fulfill our purpose of helping people achieve their true potential at work.

How does Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging show up at 15Five?


DEIB is inherently tied to our mission, vision and core values


We use expansive definitions for both diversity and equal employment


Representation matters; especially at decision making levels


Allyship is critical to the experience of our people and our customers


Proactively taking accountability is key


Owning our impact over intention is essential

How do we know our programs are working?

When our People Engagement Score increases for underrepresented groups across the drivers ​​Fairness, psychological safety, and shared values.
When our people actively lean into Inclusive Leadership competencies and the collective experience of our team increases
Portraits of some of 15Five's excutive leadership and board members.
When we have diverse representation at IC, management, executive leadership and board levels
From the left: Kham Msiska (Vice President, Finance), Julia Stead (CMO), Santi Jaramillo (CEO Emplify), Jennie Yang (Vice President, People & Culture), Matthew Cowan (Board Member), Sayle Hutchison (CFO), Cy Hu (Board Observer)

How do we support our people?

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Our ERGs (LGBTQIA+, Gender Equity, Parents) have an annual $2000 budget for community building events, speakers, donations, and volunteer events
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Inclusive Benefits
We provide inclusive healthcare benefits including adoption, donor assistance, fertility preservation, foster, gender affirmation, gestational carrier, hormone therapy, and IVF treatments.
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Time off
We encourage our people to leverage our generous leave policies(Unlimited flexible time off (FTO), Sick & COVID time off, disability leave, military leave, paid sabbatical, up to 16 weeks of parental leave, and pregnancy loss leave , ).
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Mental Health and Wellbeing
We cover 24/7 therapy for our people and their direct family members

See how we are doing

We're committed to being fully transparent about our efforts and progress. Here's how we're doing to date

See our 2022 DEI Report