Manager Enablement Tools

An evidenced-based answer to making managers exceptional.


Making managers better is the single most important thing a company can do to drive high performance. Without effective ones, workplaces struggle.

Improve skills

Our platform instantly upgrades every manager, honing existing skills and giving them new ones. Day-to-day practices build transparency and accountability.

Use skills effectively

15Five empowers managers to put new skills to use quickly and effectively, for immediate impact.

Move managers forward

The 15Five platform continually reinforces every manager’s efforts, develops them as leaders, and generates momentum throughout teams and the company.


Manager development that goes beyond the expected.

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More Transparency
Grant managers real insight on how teams are doing so they can help.
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More Accountability
Give them tools that make it easy to set goals and track them.
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Better Feedback
Help managers give good feedback and guide their teams to ask for same.
As a manager, I love this tool for keeping track of meeting notes, goals and objectives, action items, 1:1 agendas, priorities and keeping a pulse on the overall performance and employee satisfaction
Michelle R.
Director, Enterprise Marketing @Zaloni