Improve Manager Effectiveness

Your Business Depends on
Effective Managers

Managers can make or break your business

The manager-employee relationship influences nearly every aspect of the work experience and has a significant impact on engagement, performance, and retention, in particular.

How does 15Five help create more effective managers?

15Five exists to accelerate human-centered leadership in the world, so that companies and their people can thrive. Managers are really important to this work.

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Improve manager behaviors

Over 40% of employees who quit do so because of their manager. 15Five equips them with tools proven to make an impact through effective 1-on-1s, regularly check in with their teams, setting and managing goals, giving continuous feedback, and more.

Improve manager skills

Invest in your managers within the flow of their work through in-depth training and live coaching that is directly connected to your most important business outcomes. Transform manager training and coaching upskills your managers in an ongoing way that leads to lasting change.

Measure manager effectiveness

Measure the competencies of an effective manager through a combination of objective behaviors, skill development, and 360° feedback with the Manager Effectiveness Indicator. Understand who your top managers are and who needs to be developed. Filter and sort to uncover how every manager or department leader is impacting engagement, retention, and performance.

HR Leaders and Managers alike love 15Five

My priorities - and what I report on to our most senior stakeholders - are improving employee engagement, performance and retention. But we all know that HR can’t impact these things alone. We need managers to be a driving force of change. 15Five helps us connect the dots between our HR initiatives, manager effectiveness, and business results

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Scott Morgan

Senior Director of People Growth

I’ve found 15Five to be the best tool on the market to facilitate conversations between employees, managers and their peers.

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Colleen McCreary

Chief People Officer at Credit Karma


Effective managers that move the needle for your business

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Investing in learning and development is a top driver for manager engagement and retention
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Make it easy to set goals, track progress, and win
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