Increase Employee Engagement

Creating thriving people
and thriving businesses

Your bottom line starts and ends with your people

We help create connected workplaces where individuals always feel understood, engaged, and set up for success.

How does 15Five help create more engaged employees?

15Five exists to accelerate human-centered leadership in the world, so that companies and their people can thrive. Measuring engagement and taking action is crucial to business success.

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Measure, Take Action, Repeat.

Our proven approach does more than give you a snapshot of your engagement, it helps you improve and sustain it. Build a connected culture, company-wide, that keeps and attracts high performers.

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Upskill Managers

What really drives engagement? Exceptional managers. Our platform gives them everything they need for an instant upgrade through weekly check ins, effective 1-on-1s, goal setting, career planning, and Transform training.

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Create Transparency

Our engagement surveys, reporting features, and continuous feedback tools give everyone in the organization visibility into important issues and the ability to directly act on them before it is too late.

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Why engagement matters

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Inspire Performance
Engaged employees are 44% more productive than “satisfied” employees according to Bain & Co.
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Retain Top Talent
Highly engaged teams experience a 40% reduction in turnover according to Gallup.
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Win in times of change
Engaged employees are more likely to contribute innovative ideas, collaborate effectively, and support their colleagues, creating a positive and supportive work culture even during turbulent times.

"The engagement surveys have been a game changer in terms of how quickly we can get the data and make actions happen"

Christan Cavanaugh

Senior Business Partner & People Partner, OpenSignal

How it all works together

Every part of the 15Five platform works cohesively to impact HR outcomes. When combined, our 360° performance reviews, engagement surveys, OKRs & goal-tracking, and manager training and coaching suite works together to drive more performance, engagement, and retention for your organization.

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