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15Five’s 2024 HR Leader’s Toolkit

In 2024, the role of HR leaders is poised to evolve into a strategic powerhouse, and we’re here to help. To guide you on this journey, we’ve crafted the 15Five’s 2024 HR Leader’s Toolkit – a tailored resource designed to elevate your impact and drive meaningful change in your organization.

Inside this comprehensive toolkit, you’ll discover three invaluable resources crafted to empower you in navigating the HR landscape of the coming year. As the challenges and expectations placed upon HR leaders continue to evolve, this toolkit serves as your compass, helping you navigate the complexities and seize the opportunities that lie ahead with ease.

What’s Inside:

  • 15Five’s 2024 Strategic HR Calendar: a structured framework of themes, strategies, and reminders to keep you ahead of the curve and help you make a lasting impact on your organization.
  • 15Five’s HR Tech Stack Handbook: Your compass for navigating the digital landscape confidently and creating or optimizing your HR tech stack.
  • 15Five’s HR Outcomes Flywheel Worksheet: a resource to enable you to bring strategic HR initiatives to life and demonstrate continuous impact.

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