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New Research Reveals What Top HR Executives Do Differently

The HR profession made a major leap in the last year. New research from Sapient Insights reveals that the percentage of HR teams viewed as contributing strategic value by their peers in c-suite has reached an all-time high. Yet even after leading their organizations through years of workplace disruption, 50% of HR teams still aren’t seen as strategic. As the demands on HR teams continue to rise, there’s massive untapped opportunity for HR executives to take charge and shine.

Those are just some of the key findings from the research of luminary analyst Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner at Sapient Insights. Join us for a deep dive into Stacey’s research and what every HR executive can learn from it. She’ll reveal why some HR teams are still perceived as a mere support function, while others have evolved into a strategic powerhouse. Discover actionable frameworks and insights you can use immediately to emulate their success, drive change and make a true business impact in your organization.

You will learn: 

  • The top factors and leadership approaches that all strategic HR teams share
  • How to overcome internal blockers to put proven strategic practices in place at your organization
  • How strategic HR teams build feedback loops that quantify business impact
  • What a best-in-class HR technology stack looks like, and the emerging role of AI
  • How to master The HR Outcomes Flywheel, a framework for strategic HR
  • How your organization can unlock the business benefits of strategic HR with the latest evolution of 15Five’s platform

Note: SHRM Code is shared at the end of the recording.

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