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Build a Culture of Belonging with Recognition & Feedback

Today’s workforce wants to feel connected to their company’s purpose and values. This second week of our webinar series will cover two key ways to achieve this: celebrating great work and delivering effective feedback. We will discuss how impact is communicated to employees through strong culture, not just a set of programs.

What You Will Learn

  • Solutions and resources to tackle the biggest challenges facing recognition
  • Ways to evaluate the effectiveness of recognition and feedback programs
  • How managers can show appreciation and deliver feedback in a hybrid workplace
  • How to implement recognition and feedback at all levels of the organization

Webinar Resources

Chris Timol
President & COO at PuzzleHR
Dustin Goeglein
Senior People Insights Consultant at 15Five
Morgan Chaney

VP of Marketing at Raydiant

Stefanie Chow
Events Manager at 15Five
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