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Fundamentals of a Resilient Organizational Culture

COVID-19 has pushed the world into the future of work at a pace few could have foreseen, and most organizations may never go back. Companies that scrambled to adopt technologies, mobilize teams to work remotely, and find innovative ways to serve their customers are seeking ways to maintain this positive momentum. What has become clear through this pandemic is that we must all be prepared for further (rapid) change into the indefinite future. Whether you were already a modern company or are now inspired by the possibilities, at the core of your transformation is organizational resilience.

Rocky Ozaki, The Founder & CEO of the NoW of Work Inc., will show you the fundamentals for building a resilient organizational culture.

Learning outcomes:

  • The common traits of resilient organizations and the archetype your company may fall into
  • Why mindset and a human-centered culture enables resilience
  • How to find the organizational capacity to dedicate to multiple innovation horizons and ecosystem collaborations

Rocky Ozaki
Founder & CEO at NoW of Work Inc.
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