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Becoming a More Strategic HR Leader ft. Colleen McCreary

Hosted by 15Five’s HR Superstars Community, this webinar will focus on what it takes to uplevel your strategic thinking as an HR leader. Adam Weber, SVP of Community at 15Five and former Chief People Officer (CPO) at Emplify, will interview one of the most strategic HR leaders in the industry, Colleen McCreary.

Colleen is the Chief People, Places and Publicity Officer at Credit Karma. Since joining Credit Karma in 2018, Colleen has grown the employee base to over 1,300 employees across offices in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. In her first six months, she worked on the company’s compensation structure to remove bias and variability and drive a culture of individual progress, growth and collaboration.  

Learn about Colleen’s journey through HR and how being “strategic” has changed as she’s advanced through her career. Colleen will share her guiding cultural philosophies and her perspective on how the People Ops function has evolved. Bring your questions for Colleen, and take advantage of this unique fireside chat opportunity!

What You Will Learn

  • How to improve the communication between HR leaders and executives
  • How to gain executive buy-in for initiatives you’re passionate about
  • What practices to adopt and avoid as you become a more strategic HR leader
  • How to balance tactical and strategic approaches as an HR leader

Want to Hear More?

Check out our HR Superstars Podcast episode with Colleen McCreary!

Adam Weber
Adam Weber
SVP of Community at 15Five
Colleen McCreary
Chief People, Places and Publicity Officer at Credit Karma
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