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Managing People
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Effectively Leading and Managing Remote People and Teams

There is a dramatic shift happening in the workplace that is requiring many leaders and managers to work and manage their people and teams remotely for the first time in their careers. While it can seem like a daunting challenge to lead people who are no longer physically in front of you every day, there are practical ways you can quickly learn and apply that will immediately make you a more effective leader.

Jon Greenawalt is the Chief Performance Officer at 15Five, which is a globally distributed, 60% remote work technology company committed to empowering people’s freedom, autonomy and flexibility at work. Jon is a remote work convert and enthusiast, having experienced both sides of the spectrum during his 20+ year career as a global performance consultant as well as the former Chief People Officer for a $2B consumer products company. Jon will walk you through some proven and practical ways to increase your effectiveness in leading and managing others remotely.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • A practical framework for effectively leading and managing others remotely
  • How to show up powerfully and be more effective as a remote leader/manager
  • Ways to increase communication, connection and collaboration with remote people and teams
  • How to make virtual team meetings and one-on-ones more effective
  • Tips for managing individual and team productivity and performance

Jon Greenawalt
Chief Performance Officer at 15Five
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