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Self-Care Secrets for HR and L&D Professionals

As HR and L&D professionals, we spend most of our time and energy taking care of our people. How do we pause and make sure we’re leading by example and managing our own well-being? In this webinar, our panelists from 15Five and Eudaimonic by Design will dive into the science of why self-care leads to sustainable performance and greater organizational success.

Self-care involves more than just meditation and hot baths, although they’re helpful too! To most effectively combat workplace burnout, it’s critical to establish strong boundaries and proactively take breaks from stress. Join hundreds of other attendees as we exchange creative ideas to shift from surviving to personally and professionally thriving!

What you’ll learn:

  • The psychology behind well-being and its role in sustainable performance
  • Why self-care looks different for HR and L&D versus employees
  • How to define and reinforce healthy boundaries in the workplace
  • Creative self-care ideas to combat stress and build emotional intelligence

Webinar Resource

Andrew Soren, MAPP
Founder & CEO, Eudaimonic by Design
Jacki Lancaster
Recruiting Coordinator at 15Five
Jordana Cole, MAPP
Director of Learning & Development at Custom Ink
Laura Dominguez
Head of People and Communities at Cisco Meraki
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