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Making Manager Skills Stick with the Learn, Practice, Apply Model

Have you ever gone through training—perhaps even something you eagerly anticipated and invested a sizable amount of time toward—and then weeks or even days after, realized you’re not using much of anything you learned?

This is often what makes adult learning so difficult—a linear approach to training that ends up being more “get it, then forget it” than learning that sticks. That’s where 15Five Transform’s Learn, Practice, Apply model can help!

Watch our webinar on demand to hear our expert Transform coach and facilitator guide you in how to effectively make manager skills stick using the fundamentals of adult learning and positive psychology.

What you’ll learn:

  • What a cyclical, blended approach for learning, practice, and application can do to help make manager skills sticky
  • How to harness the power of cohort-based and community-driven learning to provide ongoing support and accountability to your managers
  • The benefits of helping your team integrate and apply their new skills in the flow of their work with their teams

Webinar Resources:

Sage Catlett
Senior Manager, Transform Coaching & Delivery, 15Five
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