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Real Conversations on Blackness

Join us in creating a space to listen to and reflect on Black stories and learn from Black thought leadership. In corporate spaces dominated by White culture, Black and other minority groups have not been given space to create community and to freely share their lived experiences. As a result of silencing Black voices, we miss out on incredible stories of strength, creativity and mentorship.

Join us as we us in hold space for Black voices in a ninety minute webinar discussion, “Real Conversations on Blackness”. Powerful speakers within the business, HR and DEI space kick off the discussion, sharing their experiences as Black professionals and Humans.

Panelists will create a safe and exploratory space to:

  • Highlight Black thought leadership, perspective and stories
  • Create a deeper understanding and honoring of intersectionality of the importance of community
  • Highlight what the Black community is seeking from people in the Non-Black community and ignite action from allies
  • Offer ways to engage in inclusive storytelling and community building in the workplace

Ground rules:

  • Lead with heart! Call others in versus calling them out
  • Normalize making and learning from mistakes
  • Be present and active in the conversation; exercise the courage to participate in the conversation
  • Change the world! During the conversation, take note of actions to bring with you back to the world

Cornell Verdeja-Woodson

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Headspace Inc.

James Rosseau Sr.
Founder and CEO of The Corelink Solution
Latoya Lyn

Vice President of Talent Strategy at Oscar Health

Lynette Barksdale

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Epic Games

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