We're on a mission to create highly-engaged, high-performing organizations by helping people become their best selves.

We're based on science

Built using the Positive Product Design™ method, 15Five is the only platform that offers software aligned to the latest positive psychology research.

We're human-centered

We don’t just stop at world-class technology - our comprehensive education, services, and community drive success every step of the way, empowering managers to lead high performing, thriving teams.

Our Values

“We believe that in today’s global, knowledge-based economy, a company’s true power lies in its people and culture.”

John, 15Five Account Executive
Be and become your best self
Cultivate relational mastery
Do the extraordinary
Create customer transformation

Our Founding Story

Hear our founders talk about the vision and purpose behind the creation of 15Five and what our mission means to them.

The Holistic Performance Management Company

Loved by Managers, HR Leaders, and Teams

Leadership Team

David Hassell
CEO & Co-Founder
Nazar Ivaniv
CTO & Co-Founder
Shane Metcalf
Chief People Officer & Co-Founder
Jim Morrisroe
Chief Operating Officer
Julia Stead
Chief Marketing Officer
Sayle Hutchison
Chief Financial Officer
Erik Verbeek
Chief Customer Officer
Brad McGinity
Chief Revenue Officer
Vince Huang
Chief Product Officer

We believe in unlocking the full potential of every member of the global workforce.

15Five is the holistic performance management company. 15Five equips HR teams with a complete, single-platform solution to improve manager effectiveness, drive high performance and engagement, and increase retention. 15Five’s platform combines coaching and manager training, 360 performance reviews, in-depth engagement surveys, robust goal & OKR tracking, and manager-employee feedback tools like 1-on-1s and pulse ratings. Together, these enable HR leaders to continuously measure engagement and performance within the flow of work and empower managers to drive change from the bottom up. Over 3,400 companies, including Credit Karma, Spotify and Pendo rely on 15Five to make their talent a growth driver.

2020-2021 Report

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to publishing our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report on an annual basis. The intention for this annual report is to hold ourselves internally and publicly accountable to our progress and impact.

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