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Delivering Effective Feedback in One on One Meetings

Delivering Effective Feedback in One on One Meetings

When done effectively, delivering feedback can strengthen the relationship between an employee and their manager. When it happens without tact or grace, employees will be quick to leave your company. In this webinar, panelists from 15Five, Blueboard, Namely, and Pyn will share best practices for both managers and employees to engage each other in one on one meetings.

We will cover examples of effective vs. ineffective feedback and how managers can create a psychologically safe space for their direct reports to provide feedback in one on one meetings. Whether you’re a manager, employee, or HR professional, learn how to improve the way humans relate to each other in the workplace and build a more positive culture together.

What you’ll learn:

  • What makes feedback effective, and how ineffective feedback makes employees leave
  • How to encourage employees to give “upwards feedback” to their managers
  • Specific frameworks anyone can to use to deliver verbal and written feedback.
  • Most effective formats for one on one meetings between managers and employees.

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