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Managing People

The Qualities of Effective Managers

When it comes to succeeding at work, managers are everything.

The relationship between an employee and their manager is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement. The way a manager leads impacts the productivity of their team and can make or break the individual success of their direct reports.

So what truly makes a good manager great? And how can leaders identify those ideal qualities and scale that manager success across their organization?

For this report, we analyzed the engagement data of thousands of employees and identified managers who were able to markedly improve employee engagement on their teams. We dove deeper into that data and interviewed managers to discover what made them such impactful leaders and how others can replicate those leadership qualities.

What’s inside?

  • Get data-driven insight into the qualities and actions of the most successful managers.
  • Learn how psychological safety impacts the manager-employee relationship.
  • Discover why manager competency matters more than simply being “nice.”
  • Take away tips and recommendations for improving manager-employee relationships in your own organization.

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