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Beyond Benefits: Supporting the Holistic Well-Being of Your People

Now more than ever, employees are seeking support for their holistic well-being. How can your organization stay competitive when it comes to benefits beyond a 401(k) and paid time off? This webinar will expand the realm of possibilities when it comes to taking care of your people, whether it’s mentally, financially, or physically.

Our expert panelists will discuss how to leverage these benefits to create community and positive culture at your organization, as well as foster a deeper relationship between managers and employees. When your employees are able to feel supported OUTSIDE of work, they are better-equipped to perform and thrive AT work.

What You Will Learn

  • What your employees value when it comes to their benefits and well-being
  • Why effective benefits boost employee engagement and retention
  • How to evaluate the use and impact of benefit products and services
  • Biggest challenges when it comes to selecting and implementing benefits

Avi Elfassy
Sales & Partnerships Manager,
Cara Pelletier, M.A.
Senior Director of DEI at 15Five
Erin Sarin
Senior Director of Global Benefits, Moderna
Will Peng
CEO & Co-Founder, Northstar
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