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Leading People
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Leveraging the Superpowers of Your Employees

Each of your employees has a unique set of superpowers. How your team succeeds depends on how all those collective strengths are understood, balanced, and expressed. Better-leveraging employee strengths will boost engagement, retention, and overall culture, so what steps are you taking (or missing) to develop your team’s natural talents?

In this webinar, positive psychology and people experts join forces to share tactics on spotting and leveraging individual strengths throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Whether you’re experiencing a specific challenge or looking to redesign your entire HR system, everyone can benefit from improving team collaboration, understanding each other’s needs and contributions, and applying individual talents as strengths.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying tools, i.e. VIA and Gallup, that are effective at spotting employee strengths.
  • Designing an HR system and job crafting to prioritize employee strengths.
  • Utilizing strengths-based leadership practices in day-to-day performance management, recognition, and succession planning.

Andrew Soren, MAPP
Founder & CEO, Eudaimonic by Design
Giselle Timmerman, MAPP
Founder, Positive Work
Jeff Smith, PhD
VP of Strategic Initiatives at 15Five
Jennie Yang
VP of People & Culture at 15Five
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