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Managing People

Building Better Managers: How to Develop and Measure Impactful People Leaders

In a rapidly changing world, where the demands on managers have never been higher, navigating the complexities of modern leadership is a daunting task. Yet, many companies are falling short in providing the necessary support and investment for their managers’ development. From navigating the upheaval of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty, to managing the intricacies of hybrid and remote work, managers have evolved into pillars of emotional support, balancing productivity and well-being concerns. They’re under increased pressure to uphold company culture and guide teams through change, all while excelling in driving performance through transformation and human-centered leadership. It’s time they get the support and investment they need.

Discover how your organization can harness the power of measuring and investing in manager effectiveness with the latest report from the Josh Bersin Company, in partnership with 15Five. This report delves into the critical role of today’s managers, highlighting the part that HR plays in supporting them and, as a result, driving organizational success. Learn how to empower managers, measure their impact, and foster human-centered practices to elevate your company’s performance. Access the insights you need to drive meaningful change today.

What’s Inside:

  • Challenges managers face today
  • Solutions to build and support better managers
  • How to measure manager effectiveness and impact
  • Case studies on developing and measuring impactful people leaders

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