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The Role of Employee Engagement in Delivering Critical Business Outcomes

Cassandra Lowery’s extensive experience spans advising over 180 organizations on employee engagement and people strategies. While some leaders recognize the correlation between engagement, productivity, and performance, others perceive it as inconsequential. Yet, employee engagement serves as the linchpin connecting workforce dynamics to business outcomes, fostering commitment, motivation, and longevity within teams.

During this Keynote, Cassandra will spotlight the tangible costs of employee disengagement. Case in point: According to Gallup, the global economy bears a staggering $8.8 trillion impact due to this phenomenon, underscoring the urgency of addressing it. She’ll navigate the intricate landscape of successful engagement strategies, emphasizing contextual trade-offs, and guide attendees in directly aligning engagement efforts with measurable business outcomes. Through this, you will gain insights beyond surface-level understanding, empowering them with strategies crucial for driving organizational success.

You will learn: 

  • The link between employee engagement and business success
  • Guidance on how to craft holistic engagement strategies with nuanced considerations
  • How to quantify the economic consequences of employee disengagement
  • Insights beyond surface-level understanding of employee engagement

SHRM and HRCI Codes are shared at the end of the recording.

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