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Managing People
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Tensions of The Modern Manager

As the pandemic wanes and the Great Resignation fades, the data still shows over 60% of our global workforce is detached and disengaged. In the US, 50% feel stressed daily, 41% are worried, 22% are sad, and 18% angry. And while companies have increased salaries, offered hybrid work conditions, and even reduced to a 4-day work week, there is no decline in employee disengagement. 

The modern manager faces increasing tensions and is responsible for 70% of what drives engagement and performance. In this webinar, we will share the major factors contributing to current employee disengagement and uncover how leaders can turn their teams around.

Key Takeaways

  • How to address the latest drivers of (dis)engagement 
  • How to Promote a culture of Fairness and Transparency 
  • How to Identify Employee Strengths, Promote Growth Opportunities and Create Strong Role Clarity
  • To Recognize and Celebrate Accomplishments of Your Team Members

Webinar Resources:

Emily Diaz
Director of Transformational Services
Josh Hammonds, PhD
Expert Facilitator and Product Insights Specialist at 15Five
Lilach Shafir
Performance Coach at 15Five
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