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Why It’s Essential to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

Bringing our whole selves to work without compromising boundaries has become significantly more challenging in the era of hybrid work. Research from the American Psychological Association shows the intrusion of work into our personal life can raise our stress levels and significantly impact our family life. 

With the holiday season approaching, we’re taking some time to discuss why it’s critical to set boundaries at work—and how to do it. We’ll explore how to create spaces inside of our organizations that address stress caused by work-life integration gaps.

ThinkHuman, 15Five, and Blueboard invite people-leaders to explore creating a culture of boundaries, reinforced by systems and ways of connecting with our teams that come from both leadership (top-down) and employees (bottom-up).

Lets lean into:


⚡How leadership can model to ensure cultural expectations are clear.

⚡How to model boundaries specifically as an HR leader

⚡How to create a culture of boundaries to avoid the pitfalls 


⚡How to navigate 1:1s and manager: IC relationships

⚡How to reinforce a culture of boundaries in intimate/1:1 spaces

Aja Smith
Executive Leadership Coach, ThinkHuman
Hakemia Jackson
Executive Coach & Cultural Strategist, Divinely Powered, LLC
Kevin Yip
COO & Co-Founder, Blueboard
Latoya Lyn

Vice President of Talent Strategy at Oscar Health

Zo Nicole
Product Manager at 15Five
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