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How to Build a Compensation Philosophy

With the talent marketing changing rapidly, it is critical that you have a proactive compensation strategy to create organizational consistency and drive retention as opposed to reacting to one off situations and creating internal confusion. 

In this fireside chat + AMA session, Jennie Yang (VP of People, 15Five) is interviewed by Adam Weber (SVP of Community, 15Five) as she shares how she updated the company’s compensation philosophy and program design and executed a company wide merit cycle. A project that could have easily taken 3 quarters was done in just 3.5 months! Hear the practical steps she took to execute this ambitious project and her lessons learned along the way.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Important principles in building a compensation program 
  • Critical steps building a compensation philosophy
  • How to gain executive alignment on a new compensation program

Webinar Resources:

Adam Weber
Adam Weber
SVP of Community at 15Five
Jennie Yang
VP of People & Culture at 15Five
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