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Overcoming HR Burnout: The Guide to Self Care for Strategic HR Leaders

The past few years have brought about massive changes in the workplace, alongside constant stress and uncertainty. We have all been impacted, but HR leaders in particular have the unique challenge of helping their teams navigate these changes and stressors. In a recent report, 98% of HR leaders said that 2021 was one of the most challenging years of their career, and that the pandemic transformed their role. 

With HR professionals taking on more of a caretaker role, their own wellbeing and self-care is more likely to be deprioritized, leading to increased burn out that can prevent them from being able to fully support the wellbeing of the team as a whole. As we move into defining and embracing the ‘new normal’ of the workplace, HR burnout simply cannot be ignored.

In this guide, we will examine the factors that are driving HR burnout and share tactics that HR leaders can take to engage in more self-care in the workplace. Because care is a collective effort, we will also discuss the role that organizational culture and leadership plays in the wellbeing of HR professionals, and how a culture of organizational care can be built.

What’s inside?

  • The factors that are contributing to HR burnout right now
  • Steps that HR leaders can take to engage in their own self-care
  • The difference between self care and organizational care
  • How organizations can build a culture of care to support the wellbeing of their HR employees
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