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Managing People
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The Best-Self Kickoff Template

Onboarding new-hires is an opportunity for your company to set its new employees up for success in their role, but it can also determine how quickly they become indoctrinated into the company culture. 

Too often, employees and their managers don’t put the time or effort into creating a foundation for their professional relationship. The Best-Self Kickoff is a way to strengthen this connection, and open the door for more transparent communication in the long-run. 

The Best-Self Kickoff template is a two-part interactive document intended to guide the conversation between managers and employees. You’ll leave this meeting with clearer expectations of your role, and motivation to be the best teammate and collaborator you can be.

What’s inside?

  • In this 7-page worksheet, you’ll find questions that both you and your employee can answer together for a strategically guided conversation
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