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How we created the Manager Effectiveness Indicator: 15Five’s Insights from 60,000+ Managers

15Five’s latest product, the Manager Effectiveness Indicator, came from extensive research and hands-on learnings from over 60,000 managers using our platform, completing our courses, and engaging in transformative conversations with our coaches.

To create the most complete measure of manager effectiveness, 15Five took a multifaceted approach to understanding what managers need to increase performance, engagement, and retention, including the following:

  • A literature review of over 100 industry and academic articles related to people management, as well as the most popular people management books, articles, videos, and frameworks
  • Interviews with dozens of strategic HR leaders to understand what organizations need most from people managers
  • Surveys about manager effectiveness, including over 1000 responses from strategic HR leaders, people managers, and individual contributors
  • A comprehensive review of customer and stakeholder feedback about our platform, including our software, education, and coaching offerings
  • Early adopter programs with 15Five customers to ensure that what we’re building makes the impact that strategic HR leaders need to succeed

What’s inside:

  • A summary of our research findings
  • The essential skills, behaviors, and competencies of successful managers
  • How the Manager Effectiveness Indicator is built to measure both objective behaviors and observable competencies
  • Best practices on communicating about manager effectiveness in your org
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